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LT Panels Manufacturer,LT Panels Supplier and Exporter Roorkee India
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M/S Shalabh (India) Industries

LT Panels

LT Panels

Product Details

Type Electric
Use Heavy Domestic Loads
Condition New
Packaging Can be packed as per client requirement
The expertise of our organization lies in designing LT Panels by using the latest technology tools and devices. The LT Panels are made of special grade CRCA sheet procured from reliable manufacturers like SAIL, TATA, BHUSHAN, etc. Our entire gamut of LT Panels comes in varied sizes and specifications. Besides, the LT Panels can also be fabricated as per the specifications stated by clients. We offer LT Panels at the most affordable prices. As a result, we have become a renowned name as LT Panels Manufacturer and Supplier in Roorkee, Uttarakhand.

LT Panels Are Used In

  • L. T. Distribution System for Industrial Loads
  • Heavy Domestic Loads
  • Inductive Loads

LT Panels/Feeder Pillar Boxes Are Designed As Per Latest IS Specifications

  • IS-8623
  • IEC-439
  • EN-60439

L. T. Panels/Feeder Pillar Boxes are made of special grade CRCA sheet procured from reliable manufacturers like SAIL, TATA, BHUSHAN, etc. CRCA sheets used for panels are of 10, 14and 16SWG.For panel making, the sheet is first inspected and straightened if required. It is then sent for marking as per the specifications followed by cutting on auto power press in the fabrication section. The sheet is then sent for moulding and grinded.Panel doors are sent for pressing/punching to provide space for mounting required instruments inside the panels.

Powder Coating
Thermoplastics are used to provide longer life to enclosure and protection against all types. of weather conditions with provision of double door at rear of the panels. Fabricated L. T. Panels and Feeder Pillar Boxes are sent to the powder coating section where latest techniques using epoxy polyester resin based powder Siemens Grey RAL-7032 is used on phosphatising surface to ensure strong scratch resistant coating. Panels are phosphatised through seven tank process (hot treatment) to ensure required smooth coating of phosphate, scaled with chromatic layer to ensure strong powder adhesion to surface to make it rust retardant in all indoor and outdoor weather conditions.

Degreasing and derusting are the fundamental requirements prior to plating, powder coating and all types of finishing processes. For degreasing, a non-caustic based Degreasing Compound-1600 Super is used which is a high performance formulation containing biodegradable emulsifiers and wetting agents. Degreasing 1600 Super contains agents which gives a good rinse and low foaming. The product is formulated with highly versatile ingredients so as to give no water mark on the job to be processed.

The articles are dipped in degreasing compound solution for 10- 20 minutes at 55oC. The degreased articles are then thoroughly water rinsed for 1-2 minutes with hot water and then taken to the derusting solution.

The articles are derusted in Rustodene-1000 solution which is acid based derusting and descaling solution but the articles should be free from grease, oil, etc. The degreased and water rinsed articles are dipped in Rustodene-1 000 solution for 10-20 minutes at room temperature. Articles then are thoroughly water rinsed for 1-2 minutes in running water. To get good results, activator bath at a concentration of 0.15% at room temperature is used and then taken to phosphatising solution.

Bond-150 (Zinc Phosphate) is a chemical solution for producing a zinc conversion coating on steel and iron surfaces. Bond-150 baths can be operated under Neutraliser side. Operation of bath on Neutraliser side gives a smooth coating at 65-70oC. Smooth coating of zinc phosphate makes good base for powder coating and reduces its consumption and retains powder gloss. Micro crystals of phosphate coating increases powder coating shining life and prevent spread of rust even after the damage of coating film. The coating meets the Indian Standard Specification IS 3618-1966 class 'B' & 'C'.

The articles to be processed in Bond-150 solution for phosphate coating are being ensured to be free from grease, oil, dirt, rust, scale, etc. The phosphatising process takes 10-15 minutes at 65-70oC followed by water rinsing under running water for 2-3 minutes. To have better results, articles are immersed in passivation solution of 0.15% at 60oC for 30 seconds which enhances the corrosion resistance and also helps in quick drying. The drying is done inside a hot air circulating oven or by means of a blast of compressed air. The articles are then sent for powder coating preferably within 36 hours of phosphatising. Panels are checked for denting and filling is done using epoxy putty.Grinding is required to make the surface smooth. Coating with Siemens Grey powder as stated above is done and then put in electric oven at 180oC. Panels made of 10 and16 SWG are kept for 30 minutes while panels made of 14 SWG for 20 minutes. After taking the panels from the oven, they are checked for hardness, scratches, etc. and sent for touching if required.

From powder coating section, panels are moved to wiring section. Wiring is done with coloured flexible copper multi stranded wires 'SHALABH' ISI marked. All covers,door inter panel jointing are provided with neoprene gasket for perfect dust protection. Spacious arrangement is made for cable termination ensuring comfortable and easy maintenance. Panels are excellent sleek and aesthetic.

Bus-Bar Construction
Copper/Aluminium Bus-bar of EC 91E electrolyte grade is provided and cross-sectional area is chosen on the basis of bus bar calculation considering derating factors :

  • Bus-barsare braced rigidly to withstand short circuit fault with SM supports and proper bracing housed in electroplated" U"shaped channel
  • All bus-bars are insulated with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) heat shrinkable sleeves of relevant color and joints and insulated with specially developed optional "FRP SHROUD",thus ensuring total insulation of power
  • Earth bus-bar size is determined with earth fault calculation and run throughout the panel and connected with every door /clamp of metallic switchgear body

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