Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 23 Sep 2021 04:04:47 +0530 en-us LT Panels Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0530 The expertise of our organization lies in designing LT Panels by using the latest technology tools and devices. The LT Panels are made of special grade CRCA sheet procured from reliable manufacturers like SAIL, TATA, BHUSHAN, etc. Our entire gamut of LT Panels comes in varied sizes and specifications. Besides, the LT Panels can also be fabricated as per the specifications stated by clients. We offer LT Panels at the most affordable prices. As a result, we have become a renowned name as LT Panels Manufacturer and Supplier in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. LT Panels Are Used In L. T. Distribution System for Industrial Loads Heavy Domestic Loads Inductive Loads LT Panels/Feeder Pillar Boxes Are Designed As Per Latest IS Specifications IS-8623 IEC-439 EN-60439 Fabrication L. T. Panels/Feeder Pillar Boxes are made of special grade CRCA sheet procured from reliable manufacturers like SAIL, TATA, BHUSHAN, etc. CRCA sheets used for panels are of 10, 14and 16SWG.For panel making, the sheet is first inspected and straightened if required. It is then sent for marking as per the specifications followed by cutting on auto power press in the fabrication section. The sheet is then sent for moulding and grinded.Panel doors are sent for pressing/punching to provide space for mounting required instruments inside the panels. Powder Coating Thermoplastics are used to provide longer life to enclosure and protection against all types. of weather conditions with provision of double door at rear of the panels. Fabricated L. T. Panels and Feeder Pillar Boxes are sent to the powder coating section where latest techniques using epoxy polyester resin based powder Siemens Grey RAL-7032 is used on phosphatising surface to ensure strong scratch resistant coating. Panels are phosphatised through seven tank process (hot treatment) to ensure required smooth coating of phosphate, scaled with chromatic layer to ensure strong powder adhesion to surface to make it rust retardant in all indoor and outdoor weather conditions. Degreasing and derusting are the fundamental requirements prior to plating, powder coating and all types of finishing processes. For degreasing, a non-caustic based Degreasing Compound-1600 Super is used which is a high performance formulation containing biodegradable emulsifiers and wetting agents. Degreasing 1600 Super contains agents which gives a good rinse and low foaming. The product is formulated with highly versatile ingredients so as to give no water mark on the job to be processed. The articles are dipped in degreasing compound solution for 10- 20 minutes at 55oC. The degreased articles are then thoroughly water rinsed for 1-2 minutes with hot water and then taken to the derusting solution. The articles are derusted in Rustodene-1000 solution which is acid based derusting and descaling solution but the articles should be free from grease, oil, etc. The degreased and water rinsed articles are dipped in Rustodene-1 000 solution for 10-20 minutes at room temperature. Articles then are thoroughly water rinsed for 1-2 minutes in running water. To get good results, activator bath at a concentration of 0.15% at room temperature is used and then taken to phosphatising solution. Bond-150 (Zinc Phosphate) is a chemical solution for producing a zinc conversion coating on steel and iron surfaces. Bond-150 baths can be operated under Neutraliser side. Operation of bath on Neutraliser side gives a smooth coating at 65-70oC. Smooth coating of zinc phosphate makes good base for powder coating and reduces its consumption and retains powder gloss. Micro crystals of phosphate coating increases powder coating shining life and prevent spread of rust even after the damage of coating film. The coating meets the Indian Standard Specification IS 3618-1966 class 'B' & 'C'. The articles to be processed in Bond-150 solution for phosphate coating are being ensured to be free from grease, oil, dirt, rust, scale, etc. The phosphatising process takes 10-15 minutes at 65-70oC followed by water rinsing under running water for 2-3 minutes. To have better results, articles are immersed in passivation solution of 0.15% at 60oC for 30 seconds which enhances the corrosion resistance and also helps in quick drying. The drying is done inside a hot air circulating oven or by means of a blast of compressed air. The articles are then sent for powder coating preferably within 36 hours of phosphatising. Panels are checked for denting and filling is done using epoxy putty.Grinding is required to make the surface smooth. Coating with Siemens Grey powder as stated above is done and then put in electric oven at 180oC. Panels made of 10 and16 SWG are kept for 30 minutes while panels made of 14 SWG for 20 minutes. After taking the panels from the oven, they are checked for hardness, scratches, etc. and sent for touching if required. Wiring From powder coating section, panels are moved to wiring section. Wiring is done with coloured flexible copper multi stranded wires 'SHALABH' ISI marked. All covers,door inter panel jointing are provided with neoprene gasket for perfect dust protection. Spacious arrangement is made for cable termination ensuring comfortable and easy maintenance. Panels are excellent sleek and aesthetic. Bus-Bar Construction Copper/Aluminium Bus-bar of EC 91E electrolyte grade is provided and cross-sectional area is chosen on the basis of bus bar calculation considering derating factors : Bus-barsare braced rigidly to withstand short circuit fault with SM supports and proper bracing housed in electroplated" U"shaped channel All bus-bars are insulated with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) heat shrinkable sleeves of relevant color and joints and insulated with specially developed optional "FRP SHROUD",thus ensuring total insulation of power Earth bus-bar size is determined with earth fault calculation and run throughout the panel and connected with every door /clamp of metallic switchgear body Miniature Circuit Breakers Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Catering to varied electricity requirements, we bring forth precisely designed Miniature Circuit Breakers. The Miniature Circuit Breakers offered by us are made from superior quality materials using the latest techniques. Moreover, we sincerely follow the industry set norms while manufacturing Miniature Circuit Breakers. The Miniature Circuit Breakers are priced economically. Consequently, we have become a highly sought-after Miniature Circuit Breakers Manufacturer and Supplier in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Attributes High strength flame retardant PBT fibre class housing Silver inlaid copper contacts to ensure zero resistance and long life 13 plate arc-chute chamber for efficient arc quenching Precisely calibrated thermostatic bi-metal for closely controlled overload trip Sophisticated electro-magnetic release system for short-circuit protection which clears the fault in a few milliseconds Designed With Consideration To Thermal Overload Protection Magnetic Short-circuit Protection Suitable For Domestic & Non-inductive loads Heaters Ovens GLS Lamps Inductive loads Motors Air Conditioners Transformers Halogen & Sodium Vapor Lamps Fluorescent Lamps Availability Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Double Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Three Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Four Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker 'SHALABH' MCB, a compact designed device to cope-up with complexities of modern electrical installations with high safety features to give protection against hazards in dual ways, i.e. Thermal Overload Protection Magnetic Short-circuit Protection A circuit breaker is both a circuit-breaking device which can make, withstand and break circuit whose intensity is at most equal to its normal current and a production device which can automatically break over-currents which may occur as a result of faults in installations. Over-currents are detected by three different devices Thermal for over loads, magnetic for short circuits and electronics for both thermal and magnetic releases which are usually combined (thermal and magnetic MCBs), use a tried and tested, low cost technology but provide less flexibility and adjustment than electronic release. Thermal release consist of a bimetallic strip which bends when heated beyond the normal operating values, thus releasing the lock which holds the contact. The reaction-time of a bimetallic strip is in reverse proportion to the magnitude of current. Tripping Characteristics 'SHALABH' MCBs are available with two types of tripping characteristics for different types of applications. Suitable for use in installations with a low and steady current generally for domestic and non-inductive loads like Heaters, Ovens,GLS Lamps,etc. Suitable for use in installations with high inrush current peaks which require closer overload protection. These include inductive loads such as Motors, Air Conditioners, Transformers, Halogen& Sodium, Vapor Lamps, Flourescent Lamps, etc. Energy Saving IS: 8828-1996 has recognized the growing importance of limiting power loss in switchgear devices and stipulate maximum permissible power loss values per pole for MCB. 'SHALABH 'MCBs have power loss figures of 30-70% of the stipulated values which contribute significantly to energy saving. Safety The terminal screws are well recessed to avoid any unpleasant accidents.The terminals are 'Finger-safe'. Simultaneous Tripping of all Phase in Multi-Poles Overloading or short-circuit trip in one phase causes simultaneous tripping in 'SHALABH' multiple MCBs, preventing damage due to single phasing especially in motor circuits. Vibration 'SHALABH' MCBs can withstand vibration limits upto 3 'g' continuous duty with the efficient latch mechanism. For practical applications like usage in locomotives and electric trains, mounting on generators and motors, etc., 'SHALABH' MCBs find maximum suitability. Backup Protection As per the wiring regulations, it is required that an over current protection device should be capable of making and breaking any over current upto and including the prospective short-circuit current at the point where the device is installed. 'SHALABH' MCBs are capable of making and breaking over current upto 10000A. Padlocking/Sealing Arrangements This arrangement is possible in both ON and OFF positions. This eliminates the hazards of closing when persons are working circuits as well as the nuisance of manual tripping when it is necessary. Execution Single Pole, Single Pole with Neutral, Double Pole, Triple Pole, Triple Pole with Neutral and Four Pole. Range 6A to 63 Ain B-Series for non-inductive Loads 0.5A to 63 Ain C-Series for inductive Loads Breaking Capacity 10000A for the complete range from 6 A to 63 A in Single and Multi-poles. To enquire about the desired product(s), just check the box and then click â��Inquiry Nowâ�� button which is provided below. Copper Cables Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0530  The expertise of our organization lies in designing Copper Cables. We are a reliable Copper Cables Manufacturer and Supplier in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. The Copper Cables that we offer are fabricated from the finest materials utilizing the latest technology. We manufacture Copper Cables as per the industry specified norms and standards. The Copper Cables can be availed from us in different specifications. Additionally, we also undertake specifications to customize Copper Cables as per clientsâ�� requirements. Attributes ISI Certified FIA, TAC Approved Fire Retardant Perfect Double Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)Insulation Lowest Electricity Consumption Ease of Wiring Number of Strands The more individual wire strands in a wire bundle the more flexible,kink resistant, break resistant, and stronger the wire is, But morestrands cost more. The lowest number of stands is 7, one in the middle, and 6 surrounding it. The next level up is 19, which is another layer of 12 strands on top of the 7. After that the number varies, but 37 and 49 are common, then in the 70 to 100 range (the number is no longer exact). Even larger numbers than that are typically found only invery large wires. For application where the wire moves 19 is the lowest that should be used (7 should only be used in applications where the wire is placed and then doesn't move), and 49 is much better. For applications with constant repeated movement, such as assembly robots, and headphone wires, 70 to 100 is mandatory. 'SHALABH' introduces 'Flame Retardant Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Wires'which are ISI certified as well as FIA and TAC approved. 'SHALABH'is one of India's most reputed companies in the electrical industry. 'SHALABH' wires are available in wide range of sizes and colours to meet a variety of domestic and industrial applications. 'SHALABH' wires are made of light plain annealed copper conductor,as per IS: 694-1990. 'SHALABH' wires have uniform diameter and are available in lengths of 90 metre coils. MCB Distribution Board Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0530 A distribution Board (or panel board) is a component of an electricity supply system which divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit, in a common enclosure. Normally, a main switch, and in recent boards, one or more Residual-current devices (RCD) or Residual Current Breakers with Overcurrent protection (RCBO), will also be incorporated. Due to multifold increase in consumption of electrical energy in every field, there is need for safety against short circuit and overload current; hence the use of MCBs and isolators in any power distribution network is necessitated. 'Shalabh Switchgear' offers an economical and practical solution to consultant's and designer's problem of providing comprehensive solution in a demanding situation with its unique salient features with widest range. MCB Distribution Boards are made of special grade CRCA steel sheet and thermoplastics to provide longer life to enclosures and protection against all type of weather conditions Enclosures are phospatised through seven-tank hot process to ensure required and smooth coating of phosphates scaled with chromatic layer to ensure strong powder coating adhesion to the surface to make it rust retardant in all indoor and outdoor weather conditions Boards are made by use of latest techniques of powder coating using epoxy polyester resin based powder to ensure strong, scratch resistant coating Features The current carrying parts are made of electrolytic grade of copper and over rated to carry high currents, keeping temperature rise and distribution losses minimum Copper bus-bar per phase according to number of outgoings sufficient to carry 100/200 A current load Special incoming Brass Terminals to ensure perfect connections of incoming cable with the bus-bars Brass neutral bars isolated and insulated from the enclosures with suitable sectional area Earth Bars for better and firm earthing to facilitate individual earthing for each outgoing terminals DIN Rail to facilitate easy and fast mounting of MCB's, load-isolators, etc. As per IS â�� 11039 Circuit identification chart, Circuit numbering and circuit nomenclature stickers and provided for all types of SPN and TPN Distribution Boards   Type Configuration Applications SPN SPN Simple, Economical & Safe Distribution Consumer Simple, Economical & Safe Distribution Double Door Simple, Economical & Safe Distribution TPN TPN (Horizontal) Three Phase & Neutral incoming and outgoing can be only in single phase 2-in-1 Can be used with single or three phase bus-bar Vertical Three phase & neutral incoming and outgoing can be single phase as well as multi phase Per Phase Isolation DP RCCP in each phase is provided to avoid the total isolation as only the phase where earth leakage fault exists, get isolated. Special Extended Loose Wire Most Flexible design Three Tier Most Flexible Design Power Line For Fault level higher than 10 KA with a provision for MCCB incomer Phase Selector Fitted with changeover switches dually wired Plug & Socket Used for air conditioner and motor protection MCB Enclosures To Isolate/connection electrical appliances independently Exclusive Range of MCB Distribution Boards SP&N Distribution Boards Single & Double Door, Flush Mounting Type Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 16 ways Double Door DBS All SPN, TPN Horizontal and TPN Vertical DBs are designed for complete weather protection and elegantly designed for better aesthetics To enquire about the desired product(s), just check the box and then click â��Inquiry Nowâ�� button which is provided below. Residual Current Circuit Breaker Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Shalabh (India) Ltd is one of the successful Manufacturers & Suppliers of Residual Current Circuit Breaker. Residual Current Circuit Breaker is a device, used to ensure people to be protected from any risk of electrocution. It can also ensure protection against risk of fire. Earth leakage is an electrical hazard which is responsible for electric shock and fire risk. Earth leakage and its associated hazard can be prevented by the use of Residual current circuit Breaker (RCCB), also popularly known as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). These devices are ideally suited for providing earth leakage protection in domestic and commercial complexes. These can also be used on individual appliances like Geysers, Ovens, Water coolers, Air Conditioners, etc. Features Conforms to IS  12640 Provides earth leakage protection Range 25, 40 and 63 A2 Poles and 4 poles Execution : DP/FP Rewirable Switch Fuse Unit Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:00:00 +0530 'Shalabh' provides an effective and safe way to control on power for repeated switch operations in the field of domestic, industrial and agricultural applications through it range of Rewirable Switch Fuse Units (rewirable type porcelain fuse units). These switches are suitable for surface mounting and have come with its quick make and break mechanism which helps to minimize the arching. Interlocking system is also provided to avoid accidental opening cover while switch is in 'ON' position. Category of Utilization AC  22 B & AC  23A Salient Features Enclosures are made of special grade CRCA steel, sheet, dually phosphatised and powder coated to ensure strong and scratch resistant coatings Conduct knock-out/detachable gland plates are provided at top and bottom for cable entry Conversion of rewirable type to HRC type and vice-versa is possible simply by replacing the fuse carrier Two external earthing terminals are provided to ensure complete earthing